How to use Mirage

How hair fibers workMIRAGE Hair Building Fibers is made of pure Organic Keratin Fibers. Charged with static electricity, these microscopic hair fibers build and accumulate upon your existing hair.

The fibers, once applied, produce dramatic increase in density and volume. Yet, they produce a totally undetectable coverage of your thinning and balding areas to the naked eye.

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Watch your hair look thicker and full in less then 30 seconds. Even your thinnest area become thick and full before your very own eyes.

How to use Mirage hair building fibers to cover thinning hair

This is the New Revolution in Hair Care.

Hair thinning solution

Simply use the following 3 easy steps:

  1. Open and hold your bottle of Mirage 4 to 5 inches above your head. Shake gently your bottle as to release a small quantity of Mirage Hair Fibers over bald or thinning hair spots.

  2. Start styling your hair as desired. You can use a brush or comb to achieve the look that you want. Make sure that you have an even distribution of Mirage Hair Fibers covering the problem area.

  3. After applying Mirage Hair Fibers, use Mirage Fiber Hold Spray to lock fibers in place. Simply spray an even layer on to your hair for a long lasting hold and a great shine!

Mirage Hair Building Fibers are charged with static electricity, and the fibers will securely stay in place all day and night. Mirage will never run, smear, or stain. It is proven to withstand Rain, Wind or Sweat! Yet, it can be removed easily with any Shampoo.