question What is Mirage made of?

answer Mirage Hair Building Fibers is made up of 100% Pure Organic Keratin protein. Like human hair, they are the charged with electrostatic energy, to perform an Attraction to your thinnest hair.

question Can Mirage affect my very own hair growth?

answer No, Mirage can not interfere with your own hair growth in any way.

question Can Mirage get onto my clothes?

answer Just dust it off with your hands, if comes in contact with your clothes. And watch it disappears.

question What happens if my hair gets wet in the rain?

answer Once Mirage Fibers are applied, its micro composition fibers bond with your own :vellus” and the thinning hair securely. So that strong wind, rain fall or even Snow in that case will not make it run or smear. The only way is to shampoo it out.

question Would Mirage irate my scalp?

answer Mirage is a natural product, with real Keratin Fibers. Its natural ingredients Will never irate your scalp in anyway.

question Can I exercise or even sweat in that case?

answer Absolutely yes, you could sweat all day long exercise tells you drop. Mirage Hair Building Fibers will not smear or run in any way.

question Can I sleep with Mirage in my hair at night?

answer Yes you could you may find a little on your pillows, just dust it off with your Hands and watch them disappear.

question Can I run my hand through my hair?

answer Why not, Mirage disburses very well all over your head. Once locked with Mirage locking Mist, the fibers hold and bonds with your existing hairs, to give The best appearance ever. So when you run your fingers through hair it will always Stay in place.

question Once applied is it dectable?

answer As long as you disperse it well were needed, it will be totally indictable. Even Your Barber or hairdresser in that case will not even notice it.

question How is your product different from your competition?

answer Mirage has a better disbursement; it allows you to get the target areas you want Without repetitive shaking. And most important, there is a lot of Synthetic Products out in the market, and say that it’s real fiber. Mirage is 100% Real Keratin Fibers, and will give you the proper gram weight, as Detected on our bottle, unlike our competitions.

question Can I use Mirage after transplant?

answer Yes of course. Mirage is the best way to cover up after a surgery. And is recommended by surgeons all over the world.

question Is there any side effects to this product?

answer Mirage is an all natural product it will not affect you in any way.

question What other colors does Mirage come in?

answer Black, Dark Brown, Med Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, and available soon Grey and White.